Corporate Finance Advisor for the Wines and Spirits sectors

Transmission - Fundraising - Fairness Opinion - Transaction Support 


We assist families, minority or majority shareholders, senior management and institutional investors, as M&A advisors, in connection with external growth transactions, disposals of equity investments (shares or fixed assets) and shareholder restructuring,  regarding the wine and spirits sector.


Depending on the context of the transaction, we act as exclusive advisor to the sellers (sell-side advisor) or investors (buy-side advisor).

Our expertise covers the entire wine and spirits sector, both upstream and downstream of production. In addition to the sale of wine-producing properties, distilleries or trading houses, we are also involved, for example, in the cooperage, boilermaking and distribution sectors.


Depending on the context of the transaction, we act as exclusive advisor to the sellers (sell-side advisor) or investors (buy-side advisor). We do not see ourselves as an intermediary who would stand in the middle of the parties, but as the defender of the exclusive interests of our client (Seller or Buyer).



As an extension of our consulting activity in the transfer of companies in the Wines and Spirits sector, we offer support to families / managers / investors in the major stages of their company's life. 



We can support capital opening operations to address the following issues:


- company growth through the strengthening of equity capital


- shareholder restructuring to encourage the exit of minority shareholders.



We have the capacity to carry out independent Fairness Opinion evaluations



Our knowledge of insolvency proceedings combined with our knowledge of the Wines & Spirits industry enables us to identify opportunities to take over companies or assets and to help investors to put together a takeover bid.


As part of the pre-acquisition audit work, we assist investors in the financial, technical, commercial and strategic review of target companies, in support and coordination with accounting and financial audit firms, technical experts and lawyers.


We conduct analysis of the information provided by the sellers or their advisers, in order to verify its consistency with our clients' investment objectives, identify obstacles to the transaction, prepare negotiations and facilitate post-acquisition integration. 


We can assist you as project manager for all the due diligence work or intervene on a specific issue.

Our mission can also include upstream assistance in setting up audit teams, to help the investor avoid any problems and choose the appropriate advice.


Our know-how, our specificities

  • A team dedicated to Corporate Finance operations (mergers & acquisitions, fund raising and shareholder reorganizations, business recovery, etc.), composed of wine & spirits professionals.

  • A double financial and technical competence : our consultants have a legal or financial background and a real technical experience. We advise our vendor clients, from the construction of the investment thesis and the elaboration of the presentation documents to the transfer of securities or assets, by being the prime contractor or "orchestra conductor" for the different phases (negotiations, audits, drafting of legal documentation, etc.).

  • Real sector knowledge for the entire wine and spirits industry, both upstream and downstream of production, from suppliers to distributors, from technical aspects to commercial or regulatory aspects. We do not give advice as theorists, but as practitioners who have proven themselves in the field and have also experienced failures that we wish to spare our clients.

  • Expertise reinforced by participation in more than thirty successful transmission operations, often in complex contexts.

  • A limited number of current issues, in order to preserve a "haute-couture" approach to transactions. Each business case entrusted to us is fundamental for us, as it puts our reputation to the test.

  • An independent, but not isolated structure: we are in regular contact with the main players in private banking and family offices, to whom we present our investment opportunities on a regular basis. Moreover, our independence makes us entrepreneurs at the service of other entrepreneurs. 

  • A tradition of absolute confidentiality, inherited from our experience as financial auditors and investment bankers. Confidentiality is the basis of a successful wine transaction, but above all it involves our reputation which is our main asset.


 "The real secret is knowing how to keep secrets" (André Meyer - former Lazard Banker)


I was very pleased to work with Charles Traonouëz for the sale of two of our properties in Montagne-St-Emilion and in the Graves.

I particularly appreciated his seriousness and his application in carrying out the tasks I entrusted to him. Two qualities that are increasingly rare in this profession.

Philippe RAOUX

Groupe Philippe Raoux



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